Walmart has began a voluntary recall of 900,000 12 cup digital GE coffee makers, sold for $30 between March 2008 through January 2010, due to risk of overheating and fire.  To find out if your coffee maker has been affected by this recall check the  bottom of the base for model number 169164 or 169165.  If you have either of these models stop using the unit immediately and return it to a local Walmart for a full refund even if you purchased it online.

Wal-Mart received 83 reports of “overheating, smoking, melting, burning, and fire,” according to the CPSC.  At least three reports state that people were burned on their hands and feet and others report that their countertops and cabinets had been burned.  There was one report of a major kitchen fire due to the coffee maker. 

Any questions you might have regarding the recall should be directed to  the recall hotline at (800) 925-6278 weekdays between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. central time. To report a malfunction, contact the CPSC at (800) 638-2772

2 thoughts on “Walmart Recalls GE Coffee Makers Due to Fire Risk

  1. I have a model #169228 GE Coffee Maker and the small plastic clip at the top of the handle, which holds the handle on the pot, broke off when I was washing the pot. I would like to have a replacement pot as I do like the coffee maker but Walmart in Prince George, B.C. says that I need to contact the Company at 877-556-0973 but this number comes up “No longer in Service”. I’m not sure what to do to get a replacement pot. I will try 800-638-2772 on Monday, Feb 14th, to see if any one can help me. I realize this is not one of the recall model numbers but I only want a replacement glass pot.
    Thank you, Judy 02/12/2011

  2. Hi There,

    I purchased a GE coffee maker last year, model 169228 and it just stop working on July 17, 2011. Can I have a replacement? It is not even 2 years yet. What do you recommend?


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