Honey Bean Coffee Launches Fundraiser Program

Honey Bean Coffee has launched a fundraiser program for both profit and non-profit organizations. The thing that I like the most about this fundraiser is ,the obvious, its coffee, everyone loves it and that makes it easy to sell. Its much better than some of the other fundraisers my kids have done where I felt that my friends and family were paying a lot of money out of a sense of obligation to my kids for something they probably didn’t really want in the first place and wouldn’t use. I actually found the fundraiser this morning while placing my order with them. I’ve been ordering Honey Bean Coffee for years. I love it. The selection is awesome and when I saw this new program I thought the readers should know! The price for a 12oz bag of coffee is $7 to the organization and the sell price is suggested at $10 (but the organization can change that to make more profit if they like). There are no upfront costs either. You take the brochure, the people select the items they want, you collect the money and place the order and get the profit right then and there! They don’t even charge shipping on fundraising orders of $250 or more and we all know how easy it is to reach that much money in a fundraiser. Check it out at www.honeybean.com . The direct link to the fundraising page is http://www.honeybean.com/fundraising/ .

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