In Search of a Reasonably Priced Grinder

We have all been there, looking for a great coffee grinder that didn’t require us mortgaging the house to purchase it. Especially in this economy, it is also important to multitask. I was surprised to find a coffee grinder that cold also grind spices. It works great, looks great and saves counter space, which is a must in my small kitchen. I wanted to share this find with our readers after giving it a go with my own brew. It is Krups GX1400 Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder. Krups is definitely a brand that is trustworthy, so I just couldn’t resist giving this grinder a try. The plus was not only does it do an amazing job with coffee and spices, its very classy looking, which is important to me. I hope you find this posting helpful as we are all looking for the perfect grinder.

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