Coffee is getting expensive and everyone is looking for a comprable solution to going to Starbucks or another coffee shop.  I found a review on Krumps Power Brew Coffeemaker that  I thought the readers might find interesting.:


The corner coffee shop may deliver a consistent brew, but for those who cannot wait, a home brewing machine is the only answer. The Krups Power Brew Coffee Maker is a solid alternative to the corner cafe. Featuring 1,400 watts of power, the coffeemaker belts out a pot of coffee fast and hot, delivering it between 195 degrees F and 205 degrees F. A showerhead-type nozzle gives full coverage of the grounds, assuring a brew that is well-rounded with full coffee flavor.

The stylish coffeemaker is decked out in a piano-black finish and features an easy-to-read angled LCD control panel. Programming options exist for weekday and weekend cycles, along with a small-batch setting. The glass carafe holds up to 60 ounces and is easily accessible at any time during the cycle, due to a brew-pause feature that lets you sneak out a cup before brewing is complete. Save yourself a trip to the coffee shop; even though getting there may be half the fun, it is more fun to have a well-brewed cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning.

4 thoughts on “Krups Power Brew Coffeemaker Review

  1. It is the most unpracticle coffee maker I’ve ever used. You will burn your fingers touching the top. You have to fill the machine with water through a tiny hole that is placed at right side just behind the top lid: not easy to reach with the can: result spoiling water over the machine. Indicator of cups placed left side behind the top lid. Very dark black and difficult to see the indication especially when fighting with the machine to get the water in anyway..
    Whoever designed this piece of junk, should be fired.. It is a disaster.

  2. I AGREE…A PIECE OF EXPENSIVE JUNK. Let’s not forget the carafe that drips coffee all over the place as you try to pore. This morning I finally snapped off the lid trying to get to the tiny reservoir hole in back, near the lid hinge, where the chances are slim of pouring the water in without it spilling all over the place

    Every morning preparing coffee is like testing your skill at a carnival booth.


  3. Absolutely the worst coffee maker I’ve ever owned….and Krups never made it right. Impossible to pour without spilling coffee. Must fill cups away from guests. Also, as others have said, VERY difficult to fill pot with water. Horribly designed…Krups doesn’t care.. I avoid their other products now because I now know their corporate attitude …

  4. The worst carafe design ever! I have had to pour my coffee over the sink for years; it is impossible to pour without it dripping off the back end. I have to use a narrow plastic jug with my own markings on it to be able fill the horribly placed reservoir to right level and avoid getting water in the funnel and counter.

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