Meme-ory Lane “Five Things I Miss From My Childhood”

Christine tagged me with this meme:
*Five Things I Miss From My Childhood*

I’ll be doing mine on coffee related memories that I miss.

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On to my Five Things I Miss From My Childhood:

1. My Mama and her coffee cups. My mom passed in 1987 and one of the things that I inherited was her mugs. I love mugs. Especially hers. Whenever I feel blue and miss her, I can break out a coffee mug and it takes me back to a happier time when I was still a teen and she and I would sit at the kitchen table for hours drinking coffee and chatting. I miss you mama.

2. My first mug. Snoopy cup. I hate mornings! I don’t know what ever happened to it but I wish I had it back.

3. Waking up for school and smelling coffee down the hall. I knew my dad was up and brewing! It was an old fashioned coffee percolator and it sure made coffee smell good. To me anyway.

4. I wish I missed the really early days of my childhood when the bathroom broke and all we had was a 3 pound coffee can to use until it got fixed. Times were tough and that coffee can was better than the woods. REALLY! I was a wee tot but I remember it well.

5. I miss camping out when I was young with my family. They always brewed coffee on the open fire in a camping pot. It was strong but it was really good. This was when I had my very first cup. I love memory lane.

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