Philips Senseo Recall – Update 4-15-09

There has been an update on the Senseo Coffee Maker Recall.
If you own one of these, check to see if have one of the recalled model numbers.

The recall includes coffee makers with the following model numbers: HD 7810, HD 7811, HD 7815, HD 7820, HD 7832 and HD 7890. Those made in China have date codes 0727 through 0847. The recalled coffee makers made in Poland have date codes 0627 through 0847. The products were sold nationwide at Wal-Mart, Target and Safeway stores and online at between July 2006 through March 2009.
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8 thoughts on “Philips Senseo Recall – Update 4-15-09”

  1. We live in France and have one of the Senseo machines HD7820 / 63 /C. 230 volt 50 Hz 1450 W. Made in Poland 09374 71 This appears to be one of those mentioned in the recall which perhaps explains why we have been very unhappy with it after previously having one since they first came out in Germany. This machine was purchased earlier this year at Auchan, Cognac, France. We are not sure, however if we still have the receipt for this. Please will you advise the next steps.

    We also have one given to us by our son, purchased in UK. The code for this is HD7810/60 /A Made in Poland 04092 52

    Many thanks.

  2. The first two digits in the date code are the year. The 04 is 2004, the 09 is 2009, neither of which are affected by the recall.

  3. My SL 7810 made in Poland just went bad ( it looks like the heating element is not working).
    I bought it at Amazon.
    What can I do?

  4. i have been having a problem with my senseo for quite a long time. Just found out that their is a recall. It was a gift, i have no reciept. what should i do? Model 7810 Date code 07275 11 made in china. Is this one of the recall machines?

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