Police’s Coffee Break Interupted by Would Be Burglar

The San Fransisco Chronicle has reported that three Fremont police officers were having a little coffee break at Starbucks, when they got the rudest interruption. 

The officers received a call that someone was trying to break in to a car at the Fremont BART station.  Dutifully answering that call, they went to the scene to assist and found Andrew Edmondson,52.  They detained him on suspicion of burglary, but supervisors did not find significant evidence to make an arrest on that charge.  They did however, charge him with giving them a false name, “Honesty Herron”.  He is being held in Santa Rita jail in lieu of a $1500 bond.

The officers believe that Edmondson had been casing vehicles in the parking lot and that they likely stopped many vehicles from being burglarized.


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