Black and Decker has recalled their Spacemaker Coffee Maker, sold between March 2006 and March 2009. These brewers are dangerous because their brew basket can shift out of position during brewing allowing hot water to spill out and burn people. Black and Decker has received 235 reports of this happening, 10 of the consumers received 2nd degree burns. The coffee maker was sold at major retailers including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls, Target and If you have purchased one of these coffee makers, please call 866-668-4442.

3 thoughts on “RECALL: Black and Decker Spacemaker Coffee Maker

  1. I did not know about this recall until I came upon this ad at Coffee Sage…We had the spacemaker in white and when we started having a problem, we just trashed it and got a cheap one in place of it…Now I am looking for another spacemaker..I want the black and decker but I had no idea there was a recall on the other one…what can be done now?

  2. I did not know of the recall. The above problem happened this week. Water all over the counter & floor when wife got up in the morning for her coffee. Was looking on line to purchase another and saw the recall. The one we have was purchased at the Black & Decker store at Lancaster Pa.

  3. This recent recall is a crock. B&D acts like its our fault they provided us with faulty coffee pots. They expect us to send our pot in and wait 2 weeks or more for them to return a new one. Wouldn’t the correct way be to send us the new one then have us return the recalled pot? I see this as a ploy to have you go out and buy a new coffee maker (hopefully theirs, right?) I for one know I cant wait 2 weeks or more for a cup of coffee. This will be my LAST B&D coffeemaker and I have always been loyal to that brand.

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