Robert De Niro: An Expensive Coffee Date

Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro

Wouldn’t you love to have coffee with a celebrity?  How much would you give to sit down with your favorite personality and have a talk over a cup of joe?  Robert De Niro found out just how much his java and conversation was worth!

A fan reportedly paid 5,667 pounds to share a coffee with the star according to the New York Daily Times.  The coffee date with De Niro was auctioned for charity on April 29th and the funds went to Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

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  1. So they are closing today… last cup of cefofe at 6pm…Had to go yesterday to have my last Fort Worth Best Vanilla Latte…Sad day indeed, the place was incredibly packed. News crews and all.@Karl – I would go check out your place, but seriously man… 6am to 4pm? There’s a *HUGE* market for after 4pm cefofe drinkers, you just don’t see them much at *$ because… well it’s *$.

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