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Holy Coffee Shock Batman! Have you tried this SHOCK COFFEE? It’s Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee & Drinks with Shock-A-Lots candies.

Shock Coffee :: Coffee ReviewI went to the door and there stood the UPS man holding a plain brown sack colored box. I wondered what it could be. hmmm…

I brought it in and set it on my newly cleaned kitchen tile (rare instance) and got my box knife out. I zipped down one side and then the other. I slashed the center tape that secured the flaps shut. Bubble wrap!! yay! Oh wait, there is something else in there. COFFEE!!! Oh boy! My favorite thing in the world. It was my promo-sample box from Shock Coffee. Thanks guys šŸ™‚

I wanted to brew a pot right away but had already consumed 2 pots and it was only 10:30 am. I was starting to feel a bit sick to my stomach. I’ll wait until this evening. So I did.

7:00 pm rolled around and I had finally worked off all my morning brew and I was ready for my after dinner pot of coffee. I opened a bag of Shock Coffee and wow! It had such a freshly ground aroma. I stood sniffing that for a bit then I put myself 6 scoops in my brew basket. I like my coffee a bit on the bold side.

Shock Coffee Ball CapI really enjoyed the coffee house scent as the black gold quickly ran through the brew cycle. I got my giant latte mug out and filled it to the brim. I sipped and ahhh… what a fabulous taste this has, I told my son who was sporting the new Shock Coffee ball cap that came in the box of goodies. He muttered, yeah, it smells good, mom.

Well, I finished that cup and poured another. I sat down to watch a DVD and suddenly realized my eyes felt like they were the size of coffee saucers. OMG! I jumped up and ran to look in the mirror and I found that I appeared to look normal. But no, something was wrong. I was totally alert. It was as if I had just started the day. I felt like doing something. To make a long story a bit shorter, I was up until 4:30 am and had a sparkling home to show for it. What a buzz!

Keep reading to the next page…. it’s my review on all the other do-dads that I got in my surprise box….

What I think

Shock Coffee: Brightly, pleasing, colored packaging. Makes you want to open it up and try it. Gives you the sense that something neat is going to happen. And it does!

Shock Coffee, whether beans or ground, is fresh and has a most wonderful aromatic fragrance. It is not over-roasted (briny) and has great depth. A seriously ‘fine’ cup with a potent effect. You’d better keep this for a morning brew and have one of their latte’s in the evening. Unless you are ‘wanting’ to stay awake all night.

Shock a Lots is Shock Coffee‘s sweet, chocolate covered coffee beans. My mouth is watering as I pound on this keyboard. Sort of reminds me of peanut m&m’s yet not. They are much better than that. M&M’s don’t make you go zing! Certainly, it takes a good lot of them to get a buzz but they are intense and should be used with caution. šŸ˜‰ Ok… eat 5 bags. They will make you ‘do things’. They are crunchy yet tender. Savor them as they tease your taste buds. yummy!

Shock Coffee Triple Latte: ok… I do love these. When I compare them to Godiva and Starbucks, there is no comparison. The latte is thicker, creamier, and though I don’t feel it is as potent as the regular grind Shock Coffee, it does have more kick than the competitors could hope to have. The textured is smooth and velvet like with a roasty flavor. Awesome

Shock Coffee Triple Mocha: Same as above but with a chocolaty character. Silky, bold, and inviting. A nice pick-me-up to an otherwise ho-hum day. I like it!

You can get Shock Coffee by visiting their very cool website, which is a work of art in itself: Shock Coffee Website

There you can order your Shock Coffee products, look at neat photos of their team and customers. Read their blog at : Shock Coffee’s Blog . Lots of interesting promo to see there. Great stuff.

They have a MySpace page as well. Visit that at: Shock Coffee’s MySpace Profile Page Interesting reads there.

Alright my fellow coffee drinkers. There you have it. If you want an awesome pick-me-up, Go and get yourself some Shock Coffee. You’ll love it! And to the team at Shock Coffee…. with sincerity and without pretense Sleep truly IS over-rated!

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