Starbuck’s Diet Works For Virginia Woman

For the last two years Christine Hall, a 66 year old law librarian from Virginia, has dropped 76 pounds by eating most of her meals at Starbucks.

Hall decided to drop the weight after she was turned down to donate a kidney because of her size At 200 pounds and five foot, four inches tall, the surgeons considered the donation procedure to be too much of a risk to take. f she was serious about donating a kidney, she had to get serious about loosing the weight.

Using Starbucks calorie posts she restricted her diet to as little as 876 calories per day. Since loosing the weight she has been allowed by doctors to participate in a 32-person altruistic kidney swap. She currently weighs 114 pounds.

Of course, we must question whether or not this diet meets the ideal food requirements needed by a person each day. Loosing weight should always be done while not sacrificing nutritional value.

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