Starbucks Free Treats on Tax Day!

Tax day is not a day most people look forward to.  Starbucks is trying to put a little spring in your step on the way to the post office. to drop of your taxes! 

Get free brewed coffee all day Thursday at Starbucks if you bring your own mug, a promotion the cafe chain says is friendly to the environment as well as taxpayers.

Stop buy and get a caffine fix and some tax relief!

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One thought on “Starbucks Free Treats on Tax Day!”

  1. I was thrilled when I lenaerd about the GF cake at Starbucks. At last I had a snack to eat with my iced tea. Not only was this little orange cake free of gluten, it has no soy or milk either I also can’t have these. It was perfect. Not only that, it tasted great.Living GF is all about being prepared, but there are times when you’re out shopping and are caught up short. That’s when dropping by Starbucks is a god-send. And there are times when you want to meet friends for coffee. Where better to go than Starbucks. It’s been tough to sit and watch while the friends gobble down pumpkin loaf or scones, and the Valencia Orange Cake promised a great solution. But I barely got to try one before they disappeared from the bakery case.I hope you will reconsider your decision and bring them back. Thank you.

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