Starbuck’s Via Instant Coffee Flops in NY

Starbucks failed  to impress New Yorkers with their new instant coffee during its launch this week.  Starbucks launched their Via Ready Brew, which is instant coffee in single packets, across the United States and Canada.  It was price pointed at $1 per pack.

According to CEO Howard Schultz , “It took a lot of courage to say that even though instant coffee is the worst cup of coffee you can have, we are going to reinvent it.”  One New Yorker told the Daily News that, “It’s bad,” while another observed, “You can get a cup of coffee for $1 on every corner of New York City that tastes better than this. Maybe it’s a product for people in other cities. I don’t see it selling here.”

So how will Via Ready Brew do in the rest of the United States and Canada?  Time will tell.

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