Coffee produces a protein which appears to regulate sex hormones in women, in turn, reducing their risk of developing diabetes, according to a study released by UCLA.  The protein has been shown to protect against diabetes.

The study found women who drank four cups of coffee a day were less than half as likely to develop diabetes than those who did not drink any coffee.   Decafinated coffee did not appear to produce the same effect on the risk on diabetes.

9 thoughts on “Study Shows Coffee Reduces Diabetes Risk in Women

  1. Good information we didn’t know that. Apparently the caffeine in coffee had something to do with it. Also curios to know if coffee being organic is healthier or not.

  2. coffee is a lot of benefits to our bodies when we consume it good, if not regular even so the danger for our own bodies,
    healthy life with coffee hehe .. Thanks for the information:)

  3. Is there any evidence that this helps men as well? How about other caffeine sources. No that I’m complaining about having to drink more coffee.

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  5. Very Informative post, Coffee is not only protect us only diabetics but also helps us in many ways. It’s have many health benefits. And Coffee reduce only type 2 diabetics.

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