Take Heart in Coffee

The results of a study on coffee’s effect on cardiovascular disease will be presented by the American Heart Association at their 50th Annual Conference.  The new study found that drinking coffee can regulate heart rhythm problems, reducing the number of hospitalizations related to this condition.

”People who reported four or more cups a day had almost an 18% reduction in the risk of being hospitalized for rhythm disturbances,” says Arthur Klatsky, a senior cardiology consultant at Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in California.  Experts add that coffee drinkers should consider having a good diet and exercise routine for maximum results. 

In the past  it was believed that drinking coffee caused disturbances in heart rhythms although some experts still believe that regular coffee drinkers are at a higher risk for heart attacks. Dr. Klatsky believes that at this point, heart rhythm problems should not be associated with coffee consumption.

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