Topless Coffee Shop Re-Opens

The most controversial coffee shop in the US, the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Main, has reopened in a 12 by 60 foot trailer.  The coffee shop’s original structure, owned by Don Crabtree, was a victim of arsenein June of this year.  It is suspected that the fire was set as a protest to the toples alternative to the traditional coffee shop model in the US. 

Crabtree intends to build a new building, moving the coffee shop from the trailer, as soon as he can raise the money to do so.  Unfortunately, the debris from the original fire is still on the property and the towns people did not want Crabtree to reopen the shop until the debris was removed from the property.  “Some people just don’t like it they think it should be cleaned before it opens. I can’t clean that up without the doors being open,” Crabtree said. He feels that he and his employees are victims of harassment.


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