Whole Foods to Sell Coffee For a Cause

Whole Foods is joining Newhall Coffee and Roasting Company to sell Coffee For a Cause.  Newhall announced that it will sell its coffee in eight Whole Foods markets within the northern Los Angeles region.  The coffee will benefit local charities.

“I am very enthusiastic about these new developments, and look forward to utilizing our efforts here within the North Los Angeles region to develop a national program that can link local charities with retailers to generate funds…” added Alan Lewis, Newhall’s Chief Growth Officer (CGO). “Newhall is founded on providing a differentiated product, and the Coffee for a Cause program is a natural progression in our growth. The coffee market is huge, and we are going to leverage it to solve growth challenges for American charitable organizations and small business. We are proud to be partnering with Whole Foods on this.”

In launching their new Coffee For A Cause division, Newhall will allow local charities to offer a custom labeled coffee blend for use as a perpetual fundraiser.  Those blends will be available in the Whole Food stores in the northern Los Angeles region.

The debut will be Michael Hoefflin Foundation’s Hope Blend in the Valencia store. “Newhall Coffee and Founder Mitch McMullen have been wonderful supporters of the Foundation for many years. We are thrilled and honored to be chosen as the charity to launch Coffee for a Cause,” Jeffrey Shapiro, Executive Director, Michael Hoefflin Foundation for Children’s Cancer.

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