Starbucks Coffee SweepstakesI am guessing that it will be French Roast since that is what they have pictured. Here is the ENTRY FORM

They say:

Enter to win a a case of 72 2.5 oz packages of Starbucks Coffee!! You don’t want to miss this unheard of opportunity to get FREE Starbucks coffee!! Give it a try and tell your friends! Each convenient portion pack is pre-measured to brew one pot of coffee, and you can win 72, $151.80 worth of coffee!!

So, stop on by. You never know, you may win!

2 thoughts on “Win a Case of Starbucks French Roast Coffee

  1. starbucks is awful! why would you have this on your site if you’re into coffee!! boo!!! they ruin it for everybody.

  2. Um… because many people do think it is good? Just because I have something on my site does not mean it is an absolute favorite of mine. 🙂

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