Would You Drink A Suphur Brew?

Coffee Brewed with Sulphur Water

We have a very expensive water purifying system under our home. From time to time, we run out of salt or chlorine. When that happens we get our usual strong and some times over bearing smell and taste of sulphur. I’m not one to complain too much but this has got to go.

When we first bought this house, we did have the system and had to buy bottled water. We did take our showers in it though and it is possible to get used to it. The smell though…. ‘gag’

This morning I had a nice, nasty pot of sulphur coffee. It really isn’t THAT bad. right….. After 3 or 4 pots, you adjust. Honestly. I remember when we were drinking it that way. We could go to someone elses home and the coffee would taste funny. We were missing our main nutrient, sulphur. ‘lol’

Any of you drink coffee this way? No, it is not my cup of choice. It just happens from time to time.

mmmm… smell them rotten eggs. ‘wink’

2 thoughts on “Would You Drink A Suphur Brew?”

  1. Got your message re: the blinky. Sorry about that – it’s been fixed. You have a really great site…I hear you on the sulfur water! Have run into that problem in past homes. Can make life miserable! Good luck!

  2. Thank you April. I coulnd’t get an e-mail off to you so I was hoping you’d see the comment then delete it. Thank you for changing that. 🙂


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