Coffee and Liver Function

Coffee and Liver Function

I found this article on coffee and liver function and found it quite interesting. I thought you may enjoy and benefit from it as well. Here is a portion and link to the article after that:

In a presentation at the Tea and Coffee Symposium in June 2003 Professor D’Amicis, Head of Nutrition Information Unit at INRAN in Rome, Italy, highlighted how coffee drinking specifically could be protective against:

Cirrhosis of the liver (a disease causing progressive damage and scarring of the liver tissue and function)

Gallbladder disease – by reducing the risk of gallstone formation.

An increase of liver enzyme activity. A high liver enzyme activity is a recognised indicator that there has been deterioration in the functioning of liver cells and possible development of disease in the liver.

You can read the entire, interesting article by visiting: Positively Coffee: article Coffee and Liver Function

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