My thoughts on negative reviewing: I absolutely hate when I have to review a product and shed a bad light on it. Especially when the company took the time to send me the product free of charge to sample and review. But with every good product, there is always a bad product out there. As we are all aware, what is bad for one may be good for another. I always try to keep an open mind when reading a negative review on any product. I have certainly found coffees, teas, and other reviewed items such as movies, music… etc… that one did not like but I found that I did. So, always keep an open mind and look around for other opinions. Never rely on the advice or opinion from one source.

welcome imageNOTE ON COFFEE, TEA PRODUCT REVIEWING: I do take part in reviewing coffees/teas and related products. If you would like a review on any of your products, you must e-mail me and ship me full size product. Often, I find it difficult to review a one cup sample bag of coffee or one tea bag. (used as an example) Keep in mind this: I am a down-home, common consumer reviewer. My reviews are not technical nor difficult for the average Joe to understand. I feel it is important to reach the public as a whole not a select few.

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