Colombia Quinchia, Shearwater Coffee Roasters

Shearwater Coffee Roasters’ Colombia Quinchia is a smooth full bodied coffee with fruity notes. It has a delicate cocoa finish which lingers on the tongue with a medium to mild acidity. Colombia Quinchia is from APECAFEQ cooperative & Granja la Esperanza in Midwest region of Colombia near Risaralda. The APECAFE […]

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, CoffeeAM – Coffee Review

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, CoffeeAM – Coffee Review I just tried some Tanzania Peaberry that CoffeeAM sent to me. I found it very pleasing and smooth. African coffees tend to be a little winey in a good way, as long as it doesn’t go to far and become sour. Their light-medium […]

Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by Kicking Horse Coffee , Some of the most unique and high quality packaging I’ve seen. They actually seal their whole bean coffee in a can. Getting past the packaging I brewed the “Kick Ass” (Dark) blend. It was full-bodied with just the slightest hint of smoke […]

NEWHALL COFFEE’s Taste of California Collection – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by Newhall Coffee, The Taste of California Collection is comprised of 6 interesting blends. Organic California Blend, Mammoth’s Bow-Chicka-Pow-Pow Blend, Beatnik Espresso, Surf & Snow Blend (Caramel Vanilla), Earthquake Blend, Sunset Blvd. Blend (Cinnamon Vanilla) Overall this is a great collection of coffees. They seem to have […]

Make Seattle’s Best Coffee’s cold brewed coffee at home with a Toddy

Seattle’s Best makes amazing Iced coffees and you can too. Their Secret is a Toddy home brewing System and their Beach House Blend. I recently made a batch of iced coffee concentrate using this method and I have to say the Beach House Blend is amazingly smooth and great just […]

Superba Coffee – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by Superba Coffee, An amazingly smooth and well balanced cup of coffee.  Each bag comes in an attractive box that is hand signed and dated by the roaster. Superba only has 2 blends Classic and Decaf.  I’m drinking Classic. As the cup goes on, nutty and smoky […]

Entenmann’s Coffee – Cinnamon Crumb Cake – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by Entenmann’s Coffee, If you are a fan of flavored coffees Entenmann’s flavors won’t disappoint. These coffees pack more flavor than their signature pastries they are usually known for. I didn’t try these with a pastry but I’m sure that would only add to the flavor explosion […]

Kahvé Koffee – Danish Blend – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by Kahvé Koffee, A smooth blend of coffees that keeps a sharp snap at the end. This coffee has almost a syrupy body and a very smooth mouthfill. Although there is a decided snap to this coffee there is no signs of over roasting or unnecessary bitterness. […]

High Beam Coffee – Ethiopian Harrar (Blue Beam) – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by High Beam Coffee, Like most African coffees there is a slight tartness or wineyness, this is hidden almost completely in this dark roast by an intense smokiness.  You can still taste floral and fruity notes as the coffee sets on your palette. There is a noticeable […]

Armeno Coffee Roaster – Papua New Guinea Estate – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by Armeno Coffee Roasters, More floral than most roasts of Papua New Guinea the sharp acidic bite usually found was still there but muted by a smoky finish. This coffee has a smooth mouth feel and makes a great after dinner treat. Notes from Armeno Coffee Roaster […]

Doi Chaang Coffee Review – Single-Estate Piko’s Peaberry

Coffee Provided by A surprisingly delicate medium roasted peaberry coffee. At first taste you get a flush of fruitiness quickly followed by a sweet nuttiness. As the cup goes your palate becomes aware of the hint of full-bodied flavor that many people seek in a dark roast coffee without […]