Coffee Gadget Review on: Sip Klip the ‘coffee lid sip hole plug’

New product alert!

Sip Klip the coffee cup lid sip hole coverThere are those places where you get a handy dandy lid hole cover such as a stopper that will bend back when you open it ( “McDonalds Coffee” ) or a floppy tab that goes in and out of the lid ( “7-11” ) and makes a large mess if you are not extremely careful but then there is something new out there that makes the others pale in comparison. It’s called Sip Klip!

Michele Vogt, founder, inventor and principal partner of Sip Klip and former coffeehouse owner knew we all needed something to help us keep our coffee in our cups! I know I did. I wish I had a dollar for each spot I have had to wash out of my tops and jeans from those accidents I am so famous for having.

I tried the Sip Klip today and I have to say it works perfectly. It really does help a lot with splashing and spilling. It is simple to snap on and even more important easy to take off and replace when needed. And it absolutely helped keep my coffee from getting cold too soon.

Visit her website Sip Klip and read all about her beginnings and how you too can get your hands on these little marvels. I highly recommend them. Everything coffeehouse should offer these.

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  1. I would like to buy Sip Clip to use in my store,if anybody knows where I can get them please let me know.

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