Coffee May Counteract Alcohols Poisonous Effects on the Liver

This may be old news but I was thinking that I should include it since there are so many that are “down” on the effects of coffee. What I would like for people to realize is that caffeine and coffee are not the same things. Many feel that what caffeine does to one, coffee must also. Not so. It is not the caffeine content that is healthy about coffee.

Researchers believe that coffee may now counteract the poisonous effects of alcohol on the liver. ie: cirrhosis

In a study using 125k people drinking one cup of coffee a day seem to cut their risk of cirrhosis by 20 percent. Up that to four cups a day and it cut it by 80 percent. WOW!

The study proved the same results in both men and women and also on different ethnic groups. Works for everyone! I would not use the idea of this to keep drinking and think you can just drink a lot of coffee to counteract it though. That would be just silly.

I will state that they are not certain if the results are due to caffeine content or some other coffee factor. I would bet it is something other than the caffeine.

2 thoughts on “Coffee May Counteract Alcohols Poisonous Effects on the Liver”

  1. Yes!, I love to hear good news about coffee. It seems that this little bean that keep the world going around gets more hate mail than many other drinks. One really good fact is that fresh roasted coffee (coffee roasted and consumed within one week) is also a huge source of antioxidants. Needless to say no supermarket coffee will qualify as “fresh”, unless has an issue date. So, ask for one next time you are purchasing coffee, remember issue date not expiration date.

  2. Thank you for commenting Ron. I too love to hear good news about coffee. Lover of it that I am. You have a very nice site there!


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