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Thank you to for the opportunity to test their new cold drip coffee maker. It was fun and the coffee is great!

Cold Drip Coffee MakerTo the right you can see the unique cold drip coffee maker that is offered through . It is a really unique coffee maker and can prove to be an asset in the storage of fresh brewed coffee. What do I mean by that? Let me tell you:

First and foremost, coffee is brewed using the obvious “cold drip” method. All that is required is ice, fine ground coffee beans (my own preference), a bit of water, and about 6 hours to get it from the ice to the pot. Cold Drip produces a nice rich concentrate that can be stored up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator (right in the carafe) and brewing your coffee with cold water eliminates the undesirable oils and acids found in hot-brewed coffee that are not extracted at low temperatures.

Getting the coffee maker ready is easy to do. Once you have the maker all put together (very simple) you will grind your coffee beans or use commercial coffee already ground. Place one of the small, round, flat filters provided in coffee vessel located on the middle tier. Add the coffee grounds and compress them slightly (more on this later), then add another paper filter to the top of the coffee grounds. The paper filters help to distribute the water throughout the ground coffee to ensure a quality brew. Then fill the top portion as seen in the image above with ice-cubes. If I were you, I’d use cubes from an ice company but ice-maker cubes will suffice. Add just a bit of cold water to start the melting process. Make certain you have the neat little coffee-pot placed on the bottom tier to catch the dark, rich liquid.

Make sure you adjust the water drip valve so that one drop of ice-cold water falls every second. Then wait! For about 6 hours. I did mine before I went to bed and had a pot of coffee concentrate waiting for me come morning time.

You can warm the concentrate in the microwave. I do not own one. Just a paranoid radiation thing with me. I placed a portion of 3/1 in a tiny pot I use to heat water in on the stove top, set to medium. That is 3 parts water to 1 part concentrate. Once heated (not scorched) I just poured that into my coffee cup.

Flavor: ah yes… it is good. I have a struggle with nausea that I battle with daily since my love of bold coffees is so intense. Well, guess what? No nausea! Great bold cup of Joe with no sick feeling. That is great and this makes for a wonderful non-stomach irritating method for those who can’t drink coffee without the after effects. The coffee is free of harsh acids and it wonderfully smooth.

This is great over ice too. I added 1 part cream to 1 parts water and 1 part concentrate. Poured that over ice and enjoyed it immensely.

The drip system is cool. It winds down through this moonshine still looking glass spiral. That is what I was first reminded of when I set the coffee-maker up.

The cold drip coffee maker is really pretty to look at. I got the black with silver model and it looks great setting on my counter. They are stylish and do make an awesome conversation piece.

Note: About the compression of the coffee grounds. The first time I tried making pot of cold brew, I messed up and had to wait another six hours to taste it. I compressed the grounds to much and the water was unable to saturate all the coffee. Make sure you tamp it but do not make it appear vacuum packed and all will work as it is supposed to.

This would make a great gift to the person who has everything or the extreme coffee lover. As a matter of fact, it will make a great gift for any occasion. Visit now and have a look at this facsinating coffee-maker.

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