Grade #1 Coffee

If you buy pre-ground coffee (commercial type) such as Folgers or Maxwell House and the like, you would obviously have a preference in which you find to be more desirable. Although I rarely buy these types, I do on occasion. This is usually due to the fact I’m running low on funds for that month or something similar. Otherwise, I do tend to buy specialty coffees.

Why would someone prefer a custom blend over something you can get already ground and for a cheaper price? Quality, of course.


There is no telling how long that coffee can has been on the store shelf. Are they really using grade #1 coffee beans? Who knows? You can not count on them just telling you they do.

Are they giving you old beans or fresh ones? How much time has elapsed since they bought the beans and ground them and packaged them? The longer they lay there the less true flavor they have.

Custom roasting or grinding. I use a small shop that roasts daily. It smells wonderful! They grind it for me. I know it’s fresh. This is, without a doubt, the best way to go.

Grade #1 beans is the highest grade for a coffee bean. They are consistent in size and generally free from defects. They are fully developed beans. Since they are the same size, etc, when they are roasted they reach their desired temperature level at the same time. This means you’ll have an unchanging flavor from bean to bean. The flavor is consistent. I feel that is very important to a true coffee lover.

Obviously, beans that vary in size will roast differently. Small beans will roast much faster than a large bean. The flavor of the brew will be inconsistent. Trust me, you will be able to taste the over roasted or under-roasted bean flavor. If you get a roast like this, it can be very distasteful.

In conclusion, if you love your coffee as I do, make the most of it and buy specialty coffees and try to avoid the standard supermarket brands.