Seems that Folgers has taken Maxwell House to court over their coffee container. Folgers say Maxwell House has played copycat and fashioned their blue plastic container after their original designed red coffee container. Ha ha! I reckon they did since I know Folgers was the first on the market with the red can. Guess they will be seeing you in court Max.

Read about this story at : Wall Street Journal (coffee container wars) or at Advertising Age

Ok, so I do think it is just a little bit humorous.

3 thoughts on “The Red Container Sues the Blue Container (Folgers Slaps Maxwell House in the Can)

  1. It is probably not the most important thing to sue over but I suppose big corp.’s have to protect every little aspect of their biz.

  2. maxwell house had a winner but they were like coca cola they couuldn’t leave well enough alone and look what happened . charmin is doing the same thing with their tissue always fooling around with it trying to make it more appealing, and just making it worse

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