60% Less Chance of Developing Type 2 Diabetes + Alcohol

To go along with my recent post More Coffee Health Benfits to Ponder I have this to add…

Beer Coffee Syringe ImageThis morning on my local news in NW Arkansas on KNWA channels 24/51, they mentioned the research showing coffee drinkers both old and new have a 60% less chance of developing type 2 Diabetes. Argueably, the do not know what it is in the coffee that accomplishes this good deed, but they are agreeing that it is happening.

Alcohol involved in aid of boosting one’s memory?

Also in the news, research in lab rats are showing that the equivalent of 2 drinks of alcohol only in human size quantities, a day is enabling the mice to remember more. They feel the same should happen in human beings who drink about two alcoholic drinks per day, including beer. Well….. let’s promote drinking here. Of course, I’d drink a couple a day if it would help make remember things.