Mug Revolution coffee mug reviewOnce in a while I get the honorable job of reviewing something other than coffee or coffee makers. I do try to stay within the coffee/tea/chocolate related field though. Today I have the pleasure to review a fantastic website called Mug Revolution and handmade mugs.

These mugs are handmade in Bend, Oregon by a fantastic potter by the name of Owen Dearing. He has been hand crafting (wheel-thrown?) these works of beauty since 1990.

Here is a quote on the process the mug goes through before it is lovingly sent to you, the consumer:

Each coffee mug is wheel-thrown, and when the clay is leather hard, a hand-pulled handle is attached to the mug body. Once the mug is completely dry, it is fired in an electric kiln. After this first firing, called a bisque firing, the bottom of the mug is waxed and the coffee mug is glazed using up to four different complementary glazes. The coffee mug is then placed into a natural gas kiln, and fired to approximately 2,350ÌŠ F. This final firing takes 10 to 14 hours depending on weather conditions. After the firing, the kiln cools down for 36 hours before it can be opened

Owen graciously sent me two of his mugs to enjoy my coffee from. One blue and one green. I could not believe my eyes when I opened the box and saw them. They are just spectacular and obviously made to high quality standards.

These mugs are well balanced and sturdy and will have a long life resistant to chipping because of such a high firing temperature. Please note when ordering that each mug is different. No two will be exactly alike. I love that!

Each mug measures approximately 4-1/2″ high and 4-1/2″ wide, and holds approximately 16 ounces of liquid.

I suspect that my mugs and me will have a long, happy, caffeinated life together!

The website is nicely done and you’ll find navigation to be a breeze. There is a place to contact them, leave feedback and read testimonials.

Custom mugs by mug revolutionOne thing I do not want to forget is, Mug Revolution does custom orders. Here is a photo of customized mugs. Aren’t they just the neatest? The prices are very reasonable and he only charges a one time $30 fee for the stamp. I wish I could have a bunch made with coffee sage on them and offer them as contest prizes. That would be really nice.

Stop by and give Owen a visit and check out his handy work. I think you’ll agree, the mugs are absolutely stunning! Click here –> Visit Mug Revolution

Thank you Owen for the mugs. I adore them!

Owen’s mugs get a full three cups of coffee from me in ratings
 1-3 cup rating for non-coffee reviews

16 thoughts on “A Coffee Mug Review on: Mug Revolution!

  1. Sweet Review Audrey! Owen took my Search Engine Strategies class here in Bend Oregon and I have enjoyed whatching his online presence grow. I was also awarded two mugs to which I praised in his testimonials section.

    The handmade coffee mugs by Owen at Mug Revolution are amazing! The wife and I love them. He originally hooked me up with one but after I explained that we fight over who gets it, upon the second time takin the class, he hooked me up with another! Live is good now.


  2. Thank you for the compliment Andre! Yes, the mugs are awesome and I am considering a logo mug for contests here. A great idea and an outstanding prize, don’t you think?


  3. Hey–These mugs are the greatest. I have several and they are beautiful! Owen also makes a variety of other pieces including dinnerware. He is a talented potter with a wicked sense of humour.

  4. My mug is pictured center top; it’s our ranch brand. They were Christmas presents to the grown/married kids and 8 for our place. We all love them; hold enough, keep our hot drinks hot, and have that wonderful hand thrown feel. And yes, Owen does have a wicked sense of humor; I get to work with him every day and we laugh out loud here a lot.
    Nice website, too!

  5. I ordered and initial 12 mugs from Owen for our veterinary practice as gifts to our favorite clients, and they have been received with an appreciation that far surpassed our highest expectations. We are currently on our second order of 24 mugs and I cannot thinkm of a better way to express our appreciation to our clients.

  6. Mug Revolution’s mugs are the best I’ve come across is many years of promotional items. I plan to use them for several up coming events promotions.

  7. I’ve been using Owen’s mugs for quite a few years now (easy to say, since I’m his mother!). In fact, all of the mugs in my cupboard are handmade, and most of them originated from Owen. I find it difficult, when visiting friends, to drink out of their factory-made mugs, no matter how pretty the decal on the side is. They just don’t compare to holding a unique piece of pottery in your hand and experiencing the loving attention that has gone into making it.

    I have one other comment to make. Owen’s mugs are a very generous size, which is lovely for those of us who don’t want our cup of coffee to end. However, that pales in comparison to the degree of generosity that resides in the heart of this really lovely individual, whose progress in life I have had the pleasure of watching for a great many years. He truly deserves the title of “Human Being” with all the finest meanings those words can inspire.

  8. I must agree with Janet the only downside to Owen’s mugs is they spoil us against all the other mugs in our cupboard. Owen’s mugs are both beautiful and functional (is it my imagination or do they keep coffee hot longer?) One day I hope to add more of these lovely pieces of art to my mug collection. Thank you Owen!

  9. These mugs are really a durable art form and very practical for everyday use. I really like the fact that they are handmade by an American craftsman and are lead free and food safe. When you consider that Hallmark stores sell junk Chinese mugs for $10 , they are a bargain as well.

  10. I was going to throw away all my mugs that were not made in the USA and then realized I would not have 1 mug left. I started looking online for lead free mugs and came across Mug Revolution’s
    website and thought I would give them a try.
    I opened the box and fell in love. One was a gift for my husband and it became his favorite mug. It is nice to drink your coffee out of something so beautifully crafted that is also healthy.We will not use any other mugs in our home now. When we have coffe at someone else’s home it is just not the same drinking out of other cups. I highly reccomend these mugs and it is the best gift you can give someone. I was hoping to get Red for Valenitnes Day gifts and fill them with candy.

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