Tired of battery acid in your cup? Hate that burning fuzzy feeling you get in your throat after a cup of coffee? Can’t put your coffee down no matter how bad it hurts? Then I have a solution for you!

Puroast Low Acid Coffee

Puroast Low Acid Coffee I’ve never had a problem with acid up until a year or so ago and even at that it is minimal. I have wished from time to time that I had a low-acid coffee for those times that I am bothered by it but never believed it possible that a coffee could taste good if they took something out. I was wrong!

Puroast was Johnny-on-the-spot getting my product to me that they so graciously let me try out and oddly enough I was having a bit of an issue with some Mexican food that day when I made my first pot. First, let me tell you that the aroma was just wonderful. I was shocked. Then, I poured that cup and sipped it, and I was amazed at how refreshing it tasted. Rich, robust, and down right full of flavor. And guess what? No acidity.

The coffee was clean and delightful. I ended up drinking the entire pot in about 2 hours. I just loved it.

You can get Puroast in all sorts of ways: decaf, regular, medium roast and house blends, flavored coffees in both caffeinated and decaf, espresso, and organic coffee. Whole bean or ground.

Comes in flavors too! ( I have not had the pleasure to try these but I’ll bet they are good too )

Low Acid Chocolate Almond

Low Acid Hazelnut

Low Acid Irish Crème

Low Acid Mocha Java

Low Acid Vanilla Coffee

You may also elect to get low acide half-caffs too!

They are very friendly people with good customer relations. A fine coffee that offers those a solution who need one. You really can’t go wrong and Puroast coffee was found to be #1 in taste with The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek taste trials.

Try them out and I know you’ll be as happy about their coffees as I am.

5 thoughts on “Did Somebody Put Battery Acid in Your Cup?

  1. Interesting article! I’ve been roasting coffee for about 6 years now, and I constantly get questions regarding this topic. From research I’ve done through the roasters guild and the SCAA, it appears as though acid in coffee that causes stomach problems is associated with darker roasts for the most part. It is unclear as to what exactly is the cause of this, but if I hear more, I’ll let ya know!!


  2. That is why I like the dark roasts with Puroast. They’ve done a fantastic job taking that acid out. 🙂 Thanks for posting and yes, do let me know if you learn more

  3. I’ve had burning as a result of coffee, even drinking only two cups a day are too much 🙁

    I would like to try your acid reduced coffee, where can I buy it in Maple Ridge, BC?


  4. I have a rare diagnosis, Eosiophilic Cystitis, and becacuause at this time i am lookiingvffor all diet changes, one being want to find good low acidity coffee.
    Experimental treatments due to the very rateity are tragic and the wirst and i am nit going that route. I am trying a histamine trratment but i MUST alter my diet and coffee is one of them,. I do no drink bu two maybe three cups mornings but this is lethal I am finding. While doing my leg work looking for a doctor with som experience in this horrific disease i am looking for alternatives whith foods and wines that i truly enjoy. Coffee being one.
    I would like to figure out how to order what to choise and my usual purchase and choice of drink has been Starbucks Verona and Italian roast
    Any help or suggestiins?

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