I’ve found a great article on how to make good *cough* instant coffee. I hate that but I do realize that not everyone drinks quality coffee nor’ can justify the expense of it. And sadly, there are those who actually drink and ‘like’ instant coffee. Or, it could be that they just don’t have the time to make brewed coffee. No offense intended, it just isn’t for me. I thought I’d share this tidbit for those of you who do drink instant. Read on……

I have to say this…. the article says to put the water in the kettle. Well, of course you can use a microwave but I wanted to add that any coffee is going to taste better if you use bottle spring water rather than tap and it certainly is a healthier choice if you do so. That being said, here is the link to the article: *it will open in a new browser window*

How to Make a Good Instant Coffee


2 thoughts on “Evil Word: Instant Coffee but…

  1. On mornings when I’m in a rush, or just too groggy to worry, I reach for the instant. At times like that, it ain’t be the taste, mon; it be the jolt (grin).

    Having said that, give me a good Kenya AA medium or slightly darker roast any time.

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