Just What is an Espresso – Coffee Pod?

    Not all pods are espresso pods. You can get pods for your regular coffee maker. Granted, most are in brands that I find to be sub-par for flavor, but you can get them from Starbucks in their Verona blend. Here are some examples. On the Amazon page you’ll find the Verona pods at the bottom but you’ll also find the espresso pods at the top.
    Starbucks Coffee Pods
    Starbucks Coffee Pods
    A pod is a pre-measured and pre-tamped single serving of ground coffee or espresso coffee, sealed within 2 pieces of filter paper. Pods are also known as E.S.E Pods. ( easy serving pods ).

    One of the reasons I find for buying pods every so often, is freshness. I try to find pods that have been individually packaged, rather than placed in a box or container without a sealed package on each pod. This way, no matter how long I’ve had them (within reason), each post or cup is fresh. Coffee is good no matter what pretty much but fresh is always most desirable for me. You don’t have to worry about opening a can and being afraid that 2 days later it smells old or tastes bad.
    Packets are air tight and oxygen free for maximum taste and freshness. Most coffees are ground to perfection. No guess work there. And you always want to use spring or filtered water in order to enjoy a completely wonderful cup.
    Pods are especially great for espresso makers. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of making espresso, then you know how horribly messy it can be. Your fingers turn black, the grind is constantly off, there’s coffee all over everything, and you never can get the tamping just right. With espresso pods, all that is done for you. Just pop it in the espresso machine.
    Keep in mind that not all espresso machines will take a pod. You may have to buy a special filter or adaptor to use them. You can find specific brands that have pods systems built in. In a regular household coffee maker, you should have no problem at all for regular coffee pods.
    Final thoughts here: I love coffee pods. They are easy and fast. If you’re in a hurry of the morning, they are absolutely the perfect way to get you out the door on time. Try them out and see what you think!

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