New York Man Finds Stained Image of Jesus in a Coffee Mug

Jerry Stolfi, 49, of Ravena, NY, said he noticed an image, which is smaller than a square inch, of Jesus’ face wearing the crown of thorns after finishing a cup of coffee April 29, 2009 and has since kept the mug carefully stored in a cupboard that has been re-dubbed a “shrine,” the Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union reported Thursday.  He never plans to wash it.

Not everyone who has viewed the image sees it as Jesus’ likeness, Stolfi said.  “It’s 50-50,” he said. “I don’t blame those that don’t see the image. I saw it straight off the bat.”

Mr. Stolfi is a former alter boy and is sharing the news of this image as a message of hope.  He has no plans to sell the stained cup or otherwise profit off of it. 

“You don’t hear about an image like this coming to everybody every day,” he said. “It’s so rare. He selected me for some reason.”

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