Peets $5.00 Coupon Code (exp: 11.01.08)

Trying to find you guys some coupon codes tonight. Here is one for $5.00 your order on
Enter this code at check out: 7FSNEXT

I am not sure if there is an order minimum or not.

2 Responses to Peets $5.00 Coupon Code (exp: 11.01.08)

  1. Florence says:

    Nice offer.. Thanks for the coupon code.

  2. Andrie says:

    Which comment were you ronsepding to? I agree with you about beans. However, if you seal them in a glass jar with a rubber seal they will keep for a bit longer. Ofcourse every time you open that jar you’ll loose some freshness. So I guess the only solution is to grind them as you need them.

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