Santa Caws by Ravens Brew (Coffee Review)

This year’s Santa Caws is a completely new and inspired blend designed specially for the season. Sensations of sweet dark red berries, milk chocolate and toasted nuts. A superb balance of crisp acidity and velvety mouthfeel. Santa Caws is a rich balanced cup that pairs well with holiday deserts and frosty winter mornings. Guaranteed to bring people together in good cheer, as well as good taste! Full City Roast.

Santa Caws Ravens Brew

Origin: Blend

This coffee is a Full City Roast, so, it’s got a very mild bitterness to it, allowing you to taste all the nuances of the blend. After a few sips you can really taste the nutty sweetness. I’ve found that if you add just a touch of heavy cream, the brews nuttiness carries through your entire palate, and the aftertaste is that of pecans or some other roasted nut.

I find this to be a great coffee for the early morning or as your first coffee after lunch.

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