Tea on the Go — A Revelation in My Own Mind

Don’t throw away those 12 ounce bottled water containers……. make hot tea to go in them!

A few minutes ago I was about to throw away a 12 ounce Dasani (or whatever brand you like), water bottle. Then it hit me… I want hot tea and this bottle is the perfect size for a one bag cup. Give or take. Depends on how strong you like it. Two bags if you like. So I put purified water in the bottle and popped it in the microwave for a minute and a half, added a tea bag ( genseng and honey green ) and screwed the lid back on. yay! Instant to go hot tea. It was perfect.

I really would not leave it in the microwave for more than two minutes if you still want to be able to hold it without burning yourself or if you want to avoid melting the bottle. Anyhoo…. it really worked well and the tea tasted just fine.

I am sure someone, somewhere, has already discovered this but it was my first time. I hope you like the idea.