The holidays often bring out the best in people. One customer at Starbucks in New Haven was feeling the Christmas Spirit and decided to play Secret Santa to everyone who came in while he was enjoying his coffee. He gave the baristas his American Express card and told them that he wanted to pay for EVERYONE’s coffee while he was there. He ended up racking up a bill of between $500 and $600 when it was all said and done. He gave all of the employees a tip as well. They say he was smiling from ear to ear. What a wonderful Holiday gesture:)

2 thoughts on “The Holidays Bring Out the Best in One Starbucks’ Customer

  1. Too bad he didn’t spend his morning buying cheer for sick children in a children’s ward instead. Although very kind of him, I am not feeling the “Starbucks” Spirit. Perhaps a better gesture would to have donated equal amounts to his favorite charity instead of a caffeine fix for customers indulging in overpriced Lattes. Just saying …. Better yet, match it Starbucks and send some $$$s to St Jude’s!

  2. Starbucks just seems to bring out the best in all those who believe in the brand and love the coffee. My hat is off to this Starbucks philanthropist.

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