Chocolate Espresso Coffee Spoons

Chocolate Espresso Coffee Spoons

You will need:

espresso shot or 2 teaspoons dark instant coffee (last resort, please)

8 oz. White chocolate

8 oz. dark semi-sweet chocolate

Chocolate sprinkles, ground medium roast coffee beans, or colored sugar

12 heavy plastic spoons. (more or less)

In the microwave, or stove top, melt half of the white chocolate in one bowl. (If you use the stove top method, melt on low heat and be careful not to burn.

Using another container, melt half of the dark chocolate and add the espresso shot or instant coffee

Dip half of your spoons in dark chocolate and the other half in white chocolate. Dip them as far as the base of the spoon’s bowl.

Lay them on waxed paper and let them cool or set completely.

When the chocolate is set on the spoons, melt the remaining white and dark chocolate mixture in separate bowls as you did before.

Dip the dark chocolate spoons in white chocolate and dip the white chocolate spoons in dark chocolate. Dip them only half way up the bowl of the spoon. This will create a pretty layered effect.

Lay them back on the waxed paper so they can also start to set.

This time only let chocolate set partially (about 4-6 minutes). Then, dip the tips of the spoons (slightly) in ground coffee beans, chocolate sprinkles or the colored sugar.


These make wonderful gifts. Wrap them in colored plastic wrap and tie string ribbon around the top.


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