When Bad Coffee Gets Worse

I do not know why I torture myself and insist on stopping at convenience stores to pick up a quick cup of coffee. Any one knows this cannot be a good thing. There have been only two instances where I got a fast cup that taste decent. We have a convenience store called “White Oak” where you can get a fresh grind and tasteful cup but only in two of it’s NW Arkansas locations. Any place else it just asking for a start to a bad day.

Man… the cup I got ripped off for this morning, from a generic convenience store, was just the last straw. My sulphur coffee was better. Honest! It had to be a couple days refreshed and the last slosh in the bottom of the pot. It was burnt, bitter, weak, and CHEAP. Cheap as in brew not price. I paid the price allright. It was absolutely raunchy. I’ve complained enough. I think I’ve learned my lesson. Perhaps.

2 thoughts on “When Bad Coffee Gets Worse”

  1. LOL… That’ll learn ya!!

    I found that if I keep a take away cup from a good cafe in the car and pour the contents of a crappy coffee in there it takes some of the edge off. =8P

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