Could Coffee CAUSE Osteoporosis? OMG, NO!

Well, I read it myself. I am hoping this is just one of those deals where later they come back and say, according to group studies, we found this to be bogus.

According to the Weekly Wellness Report by: Dr. Minshew, Coffee can cause you to excrete as much as 150 mg of calcium per hour after only a single cup. And if you already have poor bone health, this loss of calcium may make a bad situation even worse. Aw, darn it.

But! Read this quote:

Fortunately bone minerals lost to caffeine can be replaced through diet and supplementation. Unfortunately, calcium lost to phosphorus-containing soft drinks cannot be so easily replaced. That is the main reason why soft drinks are associated with Osteoporosis and coffee is not.

As you can see, soft drinks can reek havoc on your bones. ‘pouring Dr. Pepper down drain’… coffee not so much. Whew! I can at least keep drinking my coffee and take my extra calcium to help make up for any loss.

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