Coffee Related Quick Links #2

Here is #2 in a series of ‘???’ quick link posts. Just places I’ve found that I really like and hope for you to enjoy as well.

1. Coffee and Commentary

2. Espresso Journey The journey from instant coffee to pro barista of a young man in New York City. Interesting. One of the most detailed of a coffee review in photos I’ve seen.

3. Pug Java Um… coffee for people who love Pugs? ha! I like that.

4. Steaming Bean Coffee Company These people need to get on the stick and send me some coffee to review. That Midnight Espresso, Organic French Roast, and Dark Kenya AA sound devine! Nice site too. I’ve included this one for you because you can enter a monthly drawing for free coffee! Just follow the link but look around at what they got while you’re there. It is so yummy!

5. My Espresso Journey Interesting read. 🙂

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