Bada Beans It has taken me a very long time to write this review. It wasn’t for lack of time, but lack of a back-bone. I hate writing negative reviews. At least it is not going to be as negative as it would have been in the beginning. One must test and test again when they have something unpleasant to write about. It is a bad thing to write a review that reflects a product as less than favorable when everything possible has not been done to try and like it.

I have to admit at first I did not like these. But I discovered that I was using them improperly.The company recommends that you use a medium roast coffee in the form of a latte or cappacinno. You simply drop one in your cup and once it dissolves, stir it and drink.

I am not reporting that I now like the Bada Beans but I do not dislike them as much as I originally did. In order to be fair and unbiased you should know that I do not like anything that resembles the taste of artificial sweetener nor am I found of medium to light roast coffees. The Bada Beans has aspartame in it therefore I shy away.

There are only two reasons I do not care for them, sweetener being one and the other being the time it takes for one to dissolve in your coffee. Using very hot coffee, I dropped one in (several times) and waited and waited. I stirred and stirred but even after four minutes or so, there is still a tiny hard candy in the bottom of the cup. It does finally dissolve but it just takes too long. Maybe I am still doing it wrong?

On the positive side: They have a good, authentic flavor (aside from the sweetener). I realize many people use artificial ways to sweeten their beverages. They are the one’s who will like the Bada Beans. I’m not so narrow-minded to not be able to see this.

There are three flavors:

Crazy Carl’s Fudge
Hazel’s Nutty Hazelnut
McCoy’s Dream Vanilla Bean (best one in my taste test)

You can order Bada Beans for $2.99 and I think shipping is free if I am not mistaken. try them for yourself. I am certain that you have better taste buds than I and will enjoy them much more than I have.

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