Green Tea for Nausea ( personal account )

I suffer from mile nausea most of the time. I don’t know why or where it comes from but it can be most discomforting. There are times when it is worse than others but mostly it happens in the evening or at night while I sit on the couch watching TV.
A long time ago, I tried using ginger root capsules for it. It did help but never did really rid it off. I was pretty much satisfied with the results.
I noticed that it mostly happened if I were to doze off while sitting up or if I were only asleep for a few seconds. Don’t know what’s up with that. Heat in the summer makes it worse.

It happened quite by accident, really. I decided to take up green tea drinking for other health benefits. I began drinking a two bag cup using Republic of Tea and still do. I started off with a regular, plain, green tea when I noticed my nausea was starting to happen less and less. I really couldn’t figure out why. Then one day, I had not had anything to eat and I was nauseated and fixed me a cup of green tea. It was then that I noticed the soothing effect and where it was coming from. It was the GREEN TEA!

It was after that when I discovered my most favorite blend. Again, still using Republic of Tea. The blend is their Honey Ginseng Green Tea. It is absolutely wonderful and flavorful. Just a hint of honey and the after taste is just devine. It is almost “refreshing”. Feels that way to me.

Anyhoo….. that did it for me. The nausea has finally disapeared and I still enjoy all the other health benefits from green tea. I just got to add one to my list of what to expect. If you suffer from any type of nausea and have not tried green tea as an aid to lessen of stop it, try it! You may be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. You don’t even need to take special ginger caplets… Any kind of ginger will work wonders, even gingersnap cookies or candied ginger! 🙂 Hope you get it under control. Take care.

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