Sage Coffee and Sage Tea Recipes and Instruction

I found a couple of articles/recipes online that I really wanted to share with you. I seem to get quite a few hits from search engines where the surfer is searching for Sage Coffee or Sage Tea.
I searched until I found something appropriate to “hopefully” help those seeking these recipes out. I will list the credits for these in the footer of the post.

Sage Tea
I’ll begin with the simple recipe, Sage Tea. I’ve made this myself and it is not difficult. I will also include a bit of referrence for the recipe as well.

* 1/2 oz fresh sage leaves
* 1 oz fine sugar
* 1/4 oz grated lemon rind
* Juice from one lemon
* 1 quart water, boiling

Keep water at a simmer, and add the rest of the ingredients. Steep for 30 minutes. Strain out the herbs and serve hot or iced.
Here is how you can make Sage Coffee among various other herb or spice coffee creations.
Flavor and fragrance experts talk about “notes” of scent-fruity, flowery, aromatic, earthy, musky, and so on. Some odors are unpleasant in large amounts, but smell good in small amounts or when mixed with other scents. Coffee, for example, contains sulfur compounds that are unpleasant by themselves, but that smell pleasant in the aroma of coffee. Most perfumes are specific blends of fragrance notes.
Materials Needed
# odoriferous materials such as flowers, spices, pine needles or chips, sage and mint leaves, and fruits (Caution! Not all of these materials are edible, so stick to fragrance, not taste.)

# hot water
# mortar and pestle
# small beaker
# funnel
# filter paper
# medicine droppers
# small screw-top bottles for storing
the extracts

Using the mortar and pestle, grind the material you are testing into a pulp.

Place the material in the beaker and soak with hot water. Be careful when handling the hot water.

After stirring the material in the hot water, set up the funnel with filter paper. Pour the mixture into the filter paper and collect the filtrate (extract) in a screw-top bottle. Label the bottle with the source of the extract. Manufacture as many different extracts as time allows.

Mix small portions of various extracts to make new fragrances. Experiment with a variety of combinations. Can you design your own personal fragrance with particular “notes”?

Health food stores often sell essential oils from various plants. What other scents would you like to obtain to add to your mixture?

I obtained this information from Newton’s Apple

I hope this has helped anyone looking for a way to make Sage Coffee or Sage Tea

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