Grog What is it? Follow with a Coffee Grog

Ever wonder what Grog is? In this entry, I’ll give you a couple of definitions and then I’ll place an entry in the recipe category. It tastes much better than the name sounds.

Basically, Grog is a mixture of Rum and Water but I’ll elaborate a bit further:

grog, originally a mixture of rum and water. It is named after Admiral Grogram Vernon, who first ordered the dilution of the British Royal Navy‘s daily rum ration. The term is now applied to almost any unsweetened mixture of spirits and water, hot or cold, and it is sometimes used for any intoxicating drink: hence, groggy.

Grog: A hot drink made with rum, a sweetener such as sugar or honey and boiling water. It has long been considered a curative for colds but is generally consumed simply for its pleasure and warmth giving properties.

Coffee Grog recipe to follow this post or find it in the drink recipe category.

4 thoughts on “Grog What is it? Follow with a Coffee Grog”

  1. We here in Oz call that a gunfire breakfast… its an old ANZAC tradition. Normally just black coffee and Rum, drunk in April each year (National Holiday remembering WW1). I’m tipping Grog would taste better…. mind u GROG, her is Oz,.. justr refers to any alcohol…

  2. aye. Probably right. Any alcohol. Webster helped me witht he definition. I always had the idea GROG would be just about anything I could poor down my throat. 😉

  3. The history channel defined the actual practical use for Grog was to purify the water and it was used that way in most cases. You don’t have a direct contact you link so gotta post this in addition. Your code for this form box needs to shrink down significantly since the 800 by 600 res is the industry standard, lazy designers will just leave it up to 1024 by 768, of which I’m at now, neither are compliant with this input box and are likely turning away the majority that want to participate in your blog.

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