Here We Go Again!

Last Update: That should be it. Except for a tweak here and there. Hope it works for you. One last thing: Stop by and visit the newest member to my blog family. It’s not much yet but it will be. Smoothie Blend … I’m sure I’ll get some caffeinated smoothies going on there before long.

Update: Didn’t want to make a new post with this. I am currently working on this theme. Some things are missing and design may change while you are on here. I’m working on it as fast as I can. Thank you!

Upgraded WP to 2.6 and what happens? My current theme, my pretty SEO opt. theme is not compatible. It just freaking went blank. Here’s the old one, please bear with me while I find another one I like and work on it… again.

3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!”

  1. Yeah, when I logged into my blog this morning and saw that “WordPress 2.6 is available! Please update now.” message, I was reluctant to go through with it right then. Glad I waited.

    By the way, not sure I get the point of the “Coffee Porn” category. Of course, I HAD to click on that teasing topic! 🙂

  2. @coffee guy … I think the theme was the only thing that was messed up about the upgrade. 🙁

    @Tom …coffee porn is things about coffee that are sexy. Like latte art. 😀

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