Wake up, smell the coffee, and save almost $100. However, do it in your own kitchen. If you begin your daily grind by picking up your morning brew from a coffee shop, you’re spending about $2.45 per day for most foamy concoctions, more if you typically go for super-sized or signature varieties. The second cup to get you over the afternoon hump brings this spending figure up to $98 each month.

Making your coffee at home will run about $0.12-0.28 per cu — small beans compared to store-bought. Assuming the higher end of that estimate calculates to just $1.40 per week or $5.60 each month. For that sweet price, you can afford to take a refill to the office in a reusable travel mug ($11.20 per month) for a later pick-me-up.

Here’s how:

Invest in a no-frills coffeemaker ($15 and up), if you don’t already own one. Coffee prices vary, but even fair-trade, organic coffee can be found for less than $15 a pound. The cost of a splash of milk or flavored creamer is minimal. Keeping the disposable coffee cup out of landfill: priceless.

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  1. I would take it a step further and consider the ease and convenience of single serve. Lets face it most people are running to the coffee shop because they dont feel like making a pot, or a pot is too much. Single serve still comes in around .50 a cup. add some steamed milk and you have a homemade latte for way less than the coffee shops.

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