ICEE: Not Just For Kids Anymore

ICEE makes some very fine beverages that color our mouths red and blue and make us very happy.  They are on a quest, however, to up the happiness factor for adults.  Welcome ICEE Iced Coffee.

That’s right, ICEE has teamed up with Javo Beverage Company to introduce an Iced Coffee version of their beverages.

Cody C. Ashwell, Javo chairman and CEO, said, “ICEE is a stand out supplier to the foodservice industry and has longstanding relationships with some of the most important foodservice operators in our industry.” Ashwell added, “We believe this alliance will complement our own sales efforts because ICEE has reach to thousands of independent foodservice operators seeking to capitalize on the growing market for iced coffee but require a non-concentrated dispensed beverage solution because of lower daily cup sales.”

Mr. Ashwell added, “As the leading provider of dispensed beverage iced coffee, we have the infrastructure, service, and distribution capabilities to supply national foodservice operators with specialty iced coffee as well as hot coffee and tea. Our products are cost effective and eliminate waste, and in this challenging economic environment, foodservice operators are committed to offering great tasting beverages in the most cost efficient manner possible.”

They are launching this tasty, icy treats in North America.  They are initially introducing the product in two flavors, mocha latte and caramel latte, under the Java Freeze trademark.

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