As most of you know, Starbucks has released a new size of coffee, the Trenta, which bosts 916ml of liquid bliss, available in all markets on May 3rd.  Apparently it has been a success in the test markets, despite the large calorie punch that it can pack on the waistline.

This is causing some stir given the obesity crisis that now faces the United States.  The average human stomach cannot hold 916ml.  The average capacity is only 900ml.  Given that number, its best to pass up the pastry or risk exploding, or at least being in desperate discomfort, neither of which I am a fan of.  I love coffee, don’t get me wrong, but this is one big cup of Joe.  It puts it into prospective when you consider that the average bottle of wine is 750ml.  Now you see what I mean. 

Given the sugar content of some of the drinks, this is likely to send us into a diabetic coma.  Although I know it cannot be “good” for me, I will most likely drink it anyway because, lets face it, we here at CoffeeSage like our coffee, A LOT!  I’ll just try to sip it over a long period of time and do my best to pace myself.  Perhaps this new super-sized marvel will become one of those “drink/food challenges”.  I might just be able to win that competition!

5 thoughts on “Is Starbucks Trenta Size Making Us Fat And Do We Really Care?

  1. I SAW a new story about this, I mean damn, how much caffeine do people REALLY need?

    I love this blog by the way. Beautiful, and it’s been around so long. I may have to join some of the blog carnivals you have listed for the Tassimo Brewpot.

  2. That’s like three or four regular cups! It seems that Starbucks forgotten the adage: less is often more. They seem to think more is more, but real espresso lovers know the truth!


  3. When I go to startbucks I don’t bother with the flavored fatty, sugary drinks. I order an iced coffee black with maybe a splenda packet or two.

  4. My understanding is that Trenta size is, at least for now, only for iced coffee and tea drinks.

    The rationale is that consumers already buy iced drinks in that size at Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonalds, so obviously it’s something they want.

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