KIND Healthy Snacks (KIND) introduces two new flavors at Starbucks, Apple Cinnamon Nut + Fiber and Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew.

KIND sent me a few of these to try, after reading the label and seeing how healthy they were, I was skeptical.  But after I had one, I was amazed at how good they were.

These healthy bars are all natural, low in sodium, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and non GMO.  (almost too healthy)

KIND says be kind to your body, which is great, but the taste is good enough that I’d eat it if it wasn’t healthy.  When you open the package you can actually see what type of fruit and nuts you are about to eat.

These two new flavors are only available at Starbucks, but  you can check out some of their other offerings online @

9 thoughts on “KIND Healthy Snacks Adds Two New Flavors

  1. According to your post, it seems really good.
    I haven’t never drink such kind of coffee!
    I will come and tell you after drinking it.
    May be your post is true!

  2. I would like to buy a case or a box of Kind fruit and nut bars (THE BLUEBERRY VANILLA & CASHEW) FLAVOR. How can I do this. Is there an 800 number or a toll-free number I can call to order them!?!
    Please advise ASAP!
    thank you very much.

    M. Saunders

  3. I want to purchase a case of the Blueberry vanilla cashew bars from Kind, where can I do this?

    Please advise!!

    Thank you
    Donna K

  4. Starbucks has the market cornered on that particular Kind bar. Its the only place they sell them. Starbucks and Kind cut a deal. I love those bars, the Blueberry Vanilla is my favorite!!

  5. OK so I solved this mystery yesterday! The district manager was in my local starbucks & I asked about the bars. Apparently, Starbucks bought the Kind company back in October, so now Starbucks can sell whichever bars they want only in their stores! WTH?! According to the manager, none of the 3 flavors currently ava at Starbucks will be in stores anytime soon. She offered to order them buy the case for me @ a 15% discount….I accepted! So ask your local Starbucks manager for the same deal

  6. I forget, is Starbucks a “for profit” business? Seriously, they are fools for not allowing people to buy as many of the Blueberry Vanilla bars as they like. Why is there no option on to buy kind bar cases? I guess I will walk up to the back door of my local starbucks and “work a deal with the manager”.

  7. @Shelly – wrong info, Starbucks did NOT buy KIND, but they did request Starbucks ONLY flavors, for which KIND created and produce, but cannot sell anywhere but Starbucks.

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